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The "Ajax Control Toolkit.dll" is also in my bin folder of the project and I have tried to restart Web Developer 2008 Express Edition many times doing the same procedure.I have "Add Reference" Ajax Control Toolkit.dll, in the project and are not completely stuck what I need to do to simply add the Items from the AJAX Toolkit ? There must be any detail that I miss out somewhere.

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I dont know why that is happening, it seems strange.

Could there be any other approach to add the AJAX toolkit to the toolbox ? And also you dont need to manually uncheck all the checked items, they wont be added as the checked ones are the ones that have been added before.

As the user types input into the masked text box, valid input characters replace their respective prompt characters in a sequential fashion.

If the user types an invalid input character, no replacement occurs, but instead a beep is issued if the Beep On Error property is set to true, and the Mask Input Rejected event is raised.

I have a little problem but I have downloaded the AJAXControl Toolkit from: Releases.aspx?

Release Id=27326 Then I have dropped "Ajax Control Toolkit.dll" in the bin folder of my project. Then I have tried to add a new Tab in the tool Box and "Choosed Items", then browsed the "Ajax Control Toolkit.dll" in the bin folder and pressed "OK" but no controls is added to the toolbox.

So I have to close the application in "Task Manager".

I have done the same thing 4 times now with the same behaviour.

Masks do not necessarily guarantee that a user's input will represent a valid value for a given type; for example, -9 could be entered for an age in years.

You can verify that a user's input represents a valid value by assigning an instance of that value's type to the See Also Extract Ref Links From Web Page using VB. NET Regular Expression to Check Email Addresses VB.

You can use the Prompt Char property to specify a custom prompt character.

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