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It looks something like this (summary) : I then have a details control, with many controls bound to the same Binding Source. Doing this with subsequent records seems to have no effect. Oddly, if I get the Data Row View that the Binding Source is pointing to, and call End Edit on this, it works: But I'd rather not make any assumptions about what the Binding Source is pointing to, and End Edit is supposed to do this anyway, as far as I understand.When a user clicks on an item in the Data Grid View, the position of the Binding Source changes and the new record's details are shown on the details control. But before saving data, I want to make sure that any edits are committed to the Data Table again. Does anyone know why this might be working only for the first record?

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Hi, I have a Windows form bound to a Data Table through a Binding Source.

When I call End Edit on this Binding Source, it does not always change Data Table to show the modifications, and calling Get Changes on the Data Set returns null.

Note If your data source implements INotify Property Changed and you are performing asynchronous operations, you should not make changes to the data source on a background thread.

Instead, you should read the data on a background thread and merge the data into a list on the UI thread.

Add("Text", binding Source1, "Capital") End Sub Private Sub button1_Click(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As Event Args) _ Handles button1.

Run(New Form1()) End Sub ' The State class to add to the Array List.

I have a Data Grid View made of a Data Set of a table from the DB.

When I delete a row, it is updated in the database but it is not removed from the Grid View.

How could I add the new column without having to assign a new dataset again into my datagridview?

I have a module in my project that I'm using as a sort of print Queue. I want the error list to be bindable so that when you open up the error console, new errors will flow through automagically. Problem is, when I first open the Error form, the data is there but new errors don't appear in the form.

Shoot Id = shoot Id Prop _ Select New With ' Automatically resize the visible rows. Auto Size Rows Mode = Data Grid View Auto Size Rows Mode.

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