Validating train tickets in italy

Pop the ticket in and it makes a crunchy noise and when you pull the ticket out it will be stamped. If you get on the same Regionale train with a valid train pass you don't need to validate but your pass must be valid on that date.Seat reservations are not available for Regionale trains.

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You are essentially cancelling the ticket so it can't be used again for another trip.

We were in Italy a few weeks ago and travelled by train many times.

If you use a rail-pass on those faster trains you won't have the mandatory reservation so you need to buy it, buying a seperate reservation for each leg on the journey.

So if, for example, you changed trains at Milan on faster trains you need to buy reservations for both trains.

I generally just take the PDF printed out from home and show it to the conductor when he comes along for tickets.

The regional ticket you will get from Vernazza to Florence will not be for a specific date or time and that's why you have to validate it before you get on the train.

When the conductor asks for tickets, if your ticket is not validated ("convalidated"), there will be a hefty fine.

The Ron In Rome site has a step-by-step explanation with pictures, the same process applies all over Italy.

Second, they sent me PDF files with what looks like the tickets that I printed out. I'm assuming these are what we need to board the train.

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