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In part one of this series, we covered the critical steps used to validate a wire to terminal crimp prior to initiating production on a wire lead or harness.In part two we will uncover some of the processes companies currently deploy to monitor the crimping process during production.Crimp Force Monitoring Crimp Force Monitors (also known as Crimp Quality Monitors, CFM or CQM) measure crimp force of each terminations in real time.

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Connected with the BBMX client server network, the MX series provides a cross platform data logging and monitoring system for plant wide quality assurance.

New Crimp Monitoring Technologies Crimp force has been the standard in process method of measuring crimp quality for over 15 years.

The crimp force monitoring process is now a standard in most wire and cable harness facilities and is mandated as a minimum quality measurement tool for automotive harnesses.

The C&S MX series crimp monitors operate as a standalone solution for a bench press or installed onto multi station automated wire processing machines.

The point by point variation also shows this condition.

In the illustration above, the insulation was embedded in the conductor crimp which is also known as “high insulation”.

Also two more crimp curves showing common crimp defects.

The illustration above shows a normal crimp curve with no variation from the teach in reference sample.

The illustration above shows the effect of strands cut and missing from the crimp.

The measured result (in yellow) shows lower results and an error condition starting in the second and continuing through the third zones.

Wire Process Specialties partners with C&S Technologies, a global leader in the supply of crimp process validation and monitoring systems.

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