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We will explain that in detail in the next section.

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Validating form data using javascript

This is very poor usability, and directly contravenes accessibility guidelines.

What we’re going to do in this article is far less intrusive.

For legacy browsers that don’t implement these attributes, we can use their values as the basis of a polyfill.

We can also use them to provide a more interesting enhancement – instant form validation.

Now that we have the static code, we can add the scripting.

The first thing we’ll need is a basic property (the dot property only matches states which are set through scripting).

Ideally, users fill in the form with necessary information and finish the job successfully. These requirements turned into the main characteristics of this solution: element (type=email, number, …), we also have constraint validation (required, maxlength, …) to ease the work of checking the form content on the client side.

Constraint validation is an algorithm browsers run natively when a form is submitted to determine its validity.

I have a form that that is already validated by jquery.js, what I want is another validation method, ajax call to mysql to check if the email address is already in my DB. I already played a little with the codes but can't figure it out. _ga=2.138099576.979789193.1518540669-1813170823.1518540669 My validation code: Take a look at json_encode what you need to do is return a response (ex: true or false) to javascript from php (check this answer) .

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