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If dropdownlist is getting populated by Sql Data Source or Object Data Source at runtime then we need to set Append Data Bound Items property of dropdown to true and add one list item at 0 or -1 index in Page_Load event of page.

Net Using Confirm Button Extender and Modal Popup Extender, Watermark In Asp. About the Author We are the group of people who are expertise in different Microsoft technology like Asp.

If we try to perform all the validation on the server side then naturally the server is will take time to process the details and finally it will give a response to the client.

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So we use Java Script that validates at the client side.

In my previous tutorials, I’d explained how to validate dropdownlist using jquery, validate radiobuttonlist using javascript, validate checkboxlist using javascript and other more cracking tutorials on Drop Down List, here.

A disadvantage of this approach is that users don't know that they've made an error until after they submit the page.

If a form is long or complex, reporting errors only after the page is submitted can be inconvenient to the user.

You can add support to perform validation in client script.

In that case, the validation is performed as users work in the browser.

You can use Required Field Validator control with Initial Value as the default value for the Drop Down List box. Net Drop Down List control using Required Field Validator, when user clicks the list item of dropdownlist control to select it.

A good way of using the Initial Value property is with the Drop Down List server control.a drop-down list might have a default value that is not an empty value (by default, some text appears in it).

Validation is one of the greatest security features to prevent your website against spam. One is from which means we are calling a Validate Drop Down List() function on client-click event of btn Save and evaluate image type is selected or not from the dropdownlist to validate the dropdown or dropdownlist in

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