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My answer was, use that library as if you are using it for your real project.There are too many real requirements in a real project, which prompts a developer to explore and learn a new library.BTW, If you get a formatted date String in your code, you will have to parse that into a date before checking equality.

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When you will run those sample, it will surely return correct values.

Someone asked me what is the best way to learn a new library?

This example will help you to accomplish those task in Java 8.

Just like you thought, In this example the two dates we compared are equal.

In the first example, we have seen that creating today's date was very easy because of static factory method instance.

The good thing about this method is that it has not repeated mistake done in previous API e.g.

in the following example it will represent 14th January, nothing is hidden about it.

You can see that as expected the date created is exactly same as written and represent 14th January 2014.

instants, duration, dates, times, timezones and periods.

It also follows good thing from Joda library about keeping human and machine interpretation of date time separated.

Sometimes, you will get an arbitrary date and you need to check against certain date e.g.

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