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Preparing data in the context of supply chain management requires distinct processes, the initial steps of which are data cleansing and spend analytics (3).

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Share and sync data with trading partners using GS1 Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) or via other electronic messaging platforms using protocols such as BMEcat.

Alternatively, create private ways to sync data with trading partners by publishing your own on-line catalogue.

Private companies may also face diverse spend requirements set by federal contracts.

Beyond government mandates, leading private companies have created their own supplier diversity programs, aware of the Many organizations boast analytics as the groundwork for competitive advantage, but may overlook the importance of data readiness and cleansing. Access to the correct data is vital for category management.

In recent years, procurement and supplier management professionals have faced an increasing need for diversity reporting.

Those in the public sector face small business set-asides, which require sourcing from a certain percentage of diverse suppliers.

An organization can invest in a supplier management platform where data is summarized but actionable (7).

At Conn Xus, we have powerful tools for your vendor spend and diversity data analysis needs.

To prevent incomplete, inaccurate, and duplicate records, it’s important to create procedural outlines for maintaining your supplier database.

There are many reasons why you should validate your data.

Briefly, the format allows users to specify not only the types of information within each column in a tabular dataset, but also expected values.

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