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I have a column in a datagrid that I want to limit the values to integers from 1 to 5. The datagrid is bound to a typed dataset that is populated from an XML file.

With thanks Dave I have a column in a datagrid that I want to limit the values to integers from 1 to 5. The datagrid is bound to a typed dataset that is populated from an XML file.

With cell-level validation, you validate individual properties of a bound data object when a user updates a value. The following procedures describe how to apply validation rules to xref: System. class provides a sample data object that implements xref: System.

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I have a Data Grid and i created a Check Box column using by the following method from (Microsoft Knowledge Base Article-306227 Adding Check Box to a Data Grid Web Control by Using the User Interface (UI) and the Template Column Object.) My data Grid have the following columns. "It is important not to create a precedent validating the prohibition of the sale of any object of a ..."... Our goal has always been to showcase Hopi culture and make it accessible to the largest number of ...

Then I tried to get data of this gridview to another but it didn;t work too. I m stuck here Regards, Mohsin Can you please post your Grid View code? Getting data from Data Grid Hi, i'm working on C# web application. i hear about with delphi 7 that i can programming with delphi in .... Validating team-by-team R and RBI predictions for 2012 NL Edition As I've explained in the first of these articles , I made a few predictions over at dear, departed fantasy blog Roto Hardball during the last ...

If you need to validate a subset of the validators on the page, call Validate() on the individual validators.

Once all have been validated, test Is Valid is true on all of the individual validators.

If you enter a string value into a column bound to a numeric data field, and then, press ENTER or try to move focus away from the cell, the grid validates data input and raises an error as the string cannot be converted to a numeric value.

Hover over the error icon to see the same error message.

Basically I want to use the Data Grid itself to persist a collection object's state, and once all the operations are done, pull it all back into the object and do what I need to do. Thanks andrea...getting data from datagrid by looping the datagrid....s.o.s.! thx in advance code behind private void Exportbtn_Click(object sender, System. I need get data from the datagrid but return this error....... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Compilation Error Description: An error occurred during the compilation of a resource required to service this request. Hi all, how can i get the data from the datagrid by providing column index and row index?

It seems that this should be simple, but so far, it's eluding me pretty much completely, and I can't seem to fin...getting the underlying for a datagrid row when the data source is a data reader Hi When the data source for my datagrid is a dataset I get the corresponding Data Row for the selected Data Grid Item as follows: Dim pk as integer = grid. Hi, I have an button and when I click on it I want to get data from datagrid (dtg Device) and but it in a string. Please review the following specific error details and modify your source code appropriately.

Data Keys(grid.selected Index)Dim dt as Data Table = grid. Compiler Error Message: BC30311: Value of type 'System.

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