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She is also known for principle roles in ‘Waking the Dead’, ‘The Bill’, Doctors, Peak Practice, David Copperfield, Waiting for Elvis and Arrividerci Millwall, to name but a few.

As well as her extensive TV and film career, Gogan has always been drawn to classical roles in the theatre and her work with The Royal Shakespeare Company, The Royal national Theatre and in Londons West End.

On loan from Chicago mafia to Detroit underworld, a thief gets double-crossed by the Detroit boss, and, after barely escaping, vows to take revenge. See full summary » Director: Scott Sanders Shades is a film about (imaginary) Belgian serial killer Freddy Lebecq which producer Max Vogel, a former lawyer, is determined to make into an internationally co-produced, relatively big ...

See full summary » Director: Erik Van Looy This sequel to the New Zealand-set drama "Once Were Warriors" revisits alcoholic Maori man Jake Heke (Temuera Morrison) and his wife, Beth (Rena Owen), who have separated, largely due to ...

See full summary » Director: Ian Mune Jasper James decides to leave his girlfriend and moves into a very large house with low rent but gradually discovers that his neighbor Troy has a very strange behavior.

Director: Harry Bromley Davenport The Vatican sends a priest to verify some miracles, performed by a woman who has been nominated for sainthood.

Her plays include: A Dolls House, Dangerous Liason, The Rehearsal, Worlds Apart and Secret Rapture.

Gogan has worked with many of the UK's leading film, TV and theatre directors, including Katie Mitchell, Stephen Frears, Ian Mcdiarmid, Anna Makmin, Howard Davies, James Mac Donald, Simon Usher, Nick Hamm, Tinge Krishnan and Charles Mc Dougall.Valerie Gogan was born in Scotland and left her native Glasgow in the 1980s to train at LAMDA , since leaving she has become one of a small number of Scottish actresses familiar to film and television audiences in th UK.Gogan made her big screen debut in Stephen Frears's film 'Dangerous Liasions' alongside Michelle Pfeiffer, John Malcovitch, Glen Close, and Peter Capaldi.She must be aware of the fact we are looking at her most intimite parts and not be ashamed to show them.Any female showing her pussy deserves we look at it!She puts her mouth up to the camera for you so you can blow it inside her mouth.

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