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I do not want to extract all of the files from the single jar file and then repackage them, I just want to update the image.So, I go to command line as usual, type a few lines of code, and then I do this command: Jar files are similar to zip files.

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Yes, updating to Java 7, using Auto Update or updating through the Java Control Panel, will remove the highest version of Java 6 installed.

Java 6 has reached its End of Public Updates, which means there will be no further public secure updates for Java 6.

The code segment to define a URI object is shown below: created in step – 1 and the URI object in step-2, we can create a ZIP File System in Java.

Once this is done, adding more files to the ZIP file would be a cakewalk.

After updating the Java version, you need to close and restart the Java Control Panel to get the updated Control Panel.

If you need to manipulate a Java archive such as a jar or war, and do not have access to the jar utility (it only comes packaged with the JDK, not JRE), you can always use the standard GNU zip/unzip utilities.Until the update is completed, this process will remind you that a newer secure version is available for your system.You should leave this process running in order to ensure getting the latest secure Java version.By enabling your system to check for the latest version, you keep your system secure with the latest patch updates.We strongly recommend that you do not disable the update feature.Since you are dealing with a zip file system, extracting a directory is exactly the same as copying a directory recursively to another directory. (Note the use of the try-with-resources statement to close the zip file system automatically when done.) /** * Unzips the specified zip file to the specified destination directory.

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