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I also have some details around how collecting and processing data will influence both our Master Services Agreement and your own end-user service agreements (and we’ll share some recommendations on that). You can look up who owns a domain to find their phone number, email, even their postal address.You can check when a domain was first registered, where it’s hosted, when it expires that’s a lot of information available with just a few clicks.”, “what information is it truly necessary to include?

You might want to update the DNS records if, for example, you have installed a mail server at your premises and want this to handle the e-mail for your company instead of Zen's mail server.

In this example a change of MX record would be required.

You can read more about this service at: The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) broadly requires that the mailing address, phone number, and email address of those owning or administering a domain name are made publicly available through the "WHOIS" database.

ICANN is a non-profit organization that coordinates the Internet's global domain name system, and registrars (like Dream Host) must comply by their regulations in order to remain accredited. The WHOIS database allows you to instantly obtain information on a given domain name, including who registered it, when it was created, who to contact at that domain, and so on. Another exception is domain names, which also cannot have their WHOIS modified in the panel.

For more information about the type of records that can be updated please see the Related Article.

A, MX, SRV, LOC, TTL and CNAME records can be edited using the Customer Portal.Immediately after changing your information, you'll receive an email from Dream Host notifying you of the change. If you haven't verified your contact information before, you will also receive an email from [email protected] verify your name and email address.This will contain a link you must click to ensure your site continues to work properly.Learn more about our GDPR approach., a lot of behind-the-scenes work has gone on for our GDPR implementation project.One aspect of this project, which we can now share more specific information about, concerns changes to the Whois system.When you begin the domain registration process with Dream Host, the domain is queried in the WHOIS database to see if it is available or not. Instead, domains can only have their WHOIS updated via a ticket submitted to Dream Host support. Any change you make to your domain registration occurs immediately, including edits to WHOIS, nameserver(s), and registrant information.

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