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The results of her research shows that users with low literacy levels struggle to complete basic tasks on websites that have content written for people with high literacy levels.

When using websites that require a low literacy level, lower literacy users completed their tasks faster and with less frustration. One incidental discovery from this research, however, was that users with high literacy levels also scored much better when the language on the website was of a lower level. Your low and high literacy users will thank you for it.

They work with the Strategy group to lay the foundation for the overall digital concept, including the content strategy.

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We’ve all heard the maxim “content is king” over and over.

But content alone cannot bring a digital project to life.

The peer-disciplines that should crucially be consulted during the content strategy phase are: As with most things in life, this egalitarian approach can lead to the “too many cooks” problem.

Rachel Lovinger from Razorfish described how their digital agency addresses this problem: “For digital projects, we first assemble a ‘CRUX team.’ We assign one, or more, senior person from Creative and one, or more, senior person from UX.

Along with our desktop, mobile, and tablet apps, you can play Spotify from the comfort of your browser on our web player.

Content strategy is a relatively new niche discipline in the digital space.Techniques like “hidden text” (white text on white background), “cloaking” (showing different content to Googlebot vs. “Unfortunately, I can't say that Black Hat SEO is dead or even dying.” says Jonathon Colman, in-house SEO for REI, an online retailer of outdoor clothing and gear.real users) and “link spam” (buying hundreds of links from low-quality websites) all used to work, to some extent. “Perhaps a better way of putting it is that White Hat SEO and inbound marketing – genuinely earning attention and positive recognition by helping users to meet their goals (both online and off) – is rewarded more than ever by search engines nowadays.” He goes on to say that “SEO is, or should be, a core part of every content strategy.For example, humour on a welcome page can build likability and loyalty.But in a warning message, it can result in exactly the opposite.It’s a great resource for their team and very useful for anyone who wants to create a voice and tone guide for their own brand. With recent Google algorithm updates like Panda and Penguin, people from various digital genres have been claiming that SEO is dead.

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