Updating vehicle registration

At Court the client was disqualified for 6 months and also had a warrant issued fortheir arrest.

Do you need to change the address on your vehicle log book (V5C)?

Are you unsure how to update your name as the registered keeper?

Will you be moving to an address outside of the United Kingdom?

If so, another section explains the full process for taking a vehicle out of the UK.

In most cases, changing the recorded details on a V5C is free.

This help guide explains what you need to do and how to avoid a £1,000 fine from DVLA.

Important: Do not tick the box reserved for 'new keeper' (or fill in your name) if you are using the old style form.

You must also change driving licence address and vehicle tax Direct Debit (if you pay that way).

Without removing any sections from your log book, send the complete form (along with any relevant supporting documents) to the DVLA address.

Are you changing your address and your name both at the same time?

Allow a period up to six (6) weeks to get a replacement V5C log book after changing address.

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