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As a navigation assistant for personal use, Tom Tom provides a device which gives an oblique view and an overhead view of the road.

The software uses a GPS receiver to precisely define the location and also helps by giving visual or audio directions telling how to reach at the desired destination.

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Other than this, there are sometimes some road blocks, new street names, some new traffic directions, turn restrictions, which gets renewed over time.

For these reasons, the company stays alert on regular updates and also advises the users to update Tom Tom map in their devices.

Tom Tom GO, Tom Tom Camper & Caravan, Tom Tom VIA, Tom Tom Truck (especially designed for the trucks), Tom Tom Rider (especially designed for bikes and motorcycles), Tom Tom Navigator for pocket PCs and smartphones, Tom Tom ONE and ONE XL (base models – are the various models of the Tom Tom’s navigation devices – an all-in-one GPS navigation device.

It has a touch screen, speaker, USB port, internal Lithium-ion battery.

If you want to update your system, some effort from your side is required. model: Go720 serial: M6****G***** (these 3 characters only! You can use the Tom Tom program HOME for this, but most hardcore users prefer Win RAR: When you connect your TT to a PC, it shows itself as an external hard drive. (Disconnect using the OS mechanism for safe removal.) Check the navcore version of your TT.

) navcore: 8.351 (9982), patched with Easy Use Tools bootloader: 5.5128 map: Western Europe 830.2306, keygenned with Easy Use Tools * does NOT include Device ID or full TT Serial Number * you report back successes (failures tend to come back like a racquetball) 1 Update the software (navcore) on your TT 2 Modify the new navcore to accept a new map (patching) 3 Find a new map, suitable for your TT 4 Make the new map accepted by your TT system (generate a key) All tools, instructions, and maps on this forum are provided by kind experts and donators. On a running TT, tap the speed area, and than tap the small area above where the speed was.

But along with the endless advantage, the only thing where it limits its usability is that the device is used only when needed, ie for navigation. Therefore, for much easier routes the same purpose can be solved by a smart phone.

It is only when difficult routes are to be traveled in long-distance commuting that this device can turn out to be a boon.

You can also report the online map changes and can even share the map with the millions of users, online.

With the added advantage of sensing the upcoming traffic disturbances, tricky turns, speed limits, fuel saver, damaged roads, the list of benefits Tom Tom has been endless.

Some Tom Tom products can also be connected to the mobile phones via the Bluetooth.

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