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Koppitz developed a measure of assessment that has a list of emotional indicators including size of figures, omission of body parts, and some “special features”.The total number of the indicators is simply added up to provide a number that represents the likeliness of disturbance (Murstein, 1965).Definition: Typically used with children, the subject is asked to draw a picture of a man, a woman, and themselves.

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Draw, Write, Speak, Play: The Role of Projection in Diagnosis and Therapy of Children and Adolescents, Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Martin H.

Aspects such as the size of the head, placement of the arms, and even things such as if teeth were drawn or not are thought to reveal a range of personality traits (Murstein, 1965).

The personality traits can be anything from aggressiveness, to homosexual tendencies, to relationships with their parents, to introversion and extroversion (Machover, 1949).

Advantages: -Easy to administer (only about 20-30 minutes plus 10 minutes of inquiry) -Helps people who have anxieties taking tests (no strict format) -Can assess people with communication problems -Relatively culture free -Allow for self administration Disadvantages: -Restricted amount of hypotheses can be developed -Relatively non-verbal, but may have some problems during inquiry -Little research backing Fun Stuff: The Ipad/Ipod Touch has a free app that uses this type of test. Touch is an app closely resembling the House-Tree-Person Test which is similar to the draw a person test.

You draw whatever it asks on the screen and then it gives you a personality assesment according to your drawing. v=69KUCPNTMZ4 (Emily Southers) References: Machover, K.

She wrote a book on her measure expressing that the features of the figures drawn reflect underlying attitudes, concerns, and personality traits.

In her test, she included a suggestion to ask about the person they have drawn.

Every figure drawing test asks the drawer to include some kind of description or interpretation of what is happening in the picture.

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