Updating the meade etx rom

I ordered two different kits from Newegg which I'll hopefully have either Monday or Tuesday depending on how the UPS gods decide to treat me. I ended up ordering the following: So hopefully one of those works.

I spent a good two hours going to every gadget and camera store around hoping one would still have a mini SD but no luck. Well I don't want to dishearten you but I recall reading in somewhere else that Micro SD cards in adapters do not work on the LS scope..can't think why this should be so.

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It may also check the version you have installed in the scope when it is connected, if it can't find a more up to date version it greys out all the options etc.

You can manually download any of the updates from the link Save the download (extract full path from the Zip file) from this link to the folder referenced above.

I have read in other places that the scope can be rotated manually with enough force to overcome the clutch but like you say I have not tried this myself for fear of stripping gears.

IMO it appears that Meade may have started develoepment of the LS sometime ago when the chosen Hardware/Software interfacing at the time may have been seen as the future and Meade took the gamble.

Regards Birderman London, UK Micro SD cards in adapters will work, and 2GB is the max size you can use, but some still do play up.

Ie, even if your PC recognises it, the LS may not,as there are ( apparently ) counterfeit cards which dont comply fully with SD specs, and the LS is finnicky. I have also read mixed reviews on whether micro in adapters would work, that's why I bought two.

It will also be quicker than using the USB cable connection. The first thing though I had to format the SD card for it to work in my scope (even though it was supplied ready formatted).

The other important issue is to make sure your batteries don't die during the update, I ensured this by using a mains adapater instead (batteries in the LS are totally unreliable).

By time it got to market some of these technologies have already been superseded but Meade were probably already committed with their manufacuturers and parts suppliers and in the long term us users have to suffer the headaches of finding compatible items.

Hope the pain of waiting is short lived for you, there is nothing worse.....

Simple test is when you boot up with the card inserted,if the red led in the switch flashes, the card is not being recognised. I also have a multitude of 2GB micro's from the office that came in old blackberries, etc.

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