Updating the bios for an asus a8n sli delux

The ITE IT8712F-A chip is used to monitor: CPU and memory voltage, 3.3 and 12 V; rpm of two fans; CPU temperature (by the built-in CPU sensor) and motherboard temperature (by the on-board sensor).

It's based on a chipset from NVIDIA – n Force4 SLI.

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SLI support is certainly the salt of this motherboard: as we have already said, there are two modes: PCI-E x16 – as a one-slot solution, the second slot is x2; and 2x PCI-E x8.

These modes are managed by a special module: There may be only one inconvenience: in order to get access to the selector-board, you will have to remove all expansion cards from the motherboard.

Award BIOS IDs are used to identify motherboards with an Award BIOS.

For more information visit our Award BIOS ID information page.

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We'll review only the main and the most interesting programs that come shipped with this motherboard.

This utility chiefly serves to update BIOS automatically right from Internet without rebooting into DOS.

For more information visit our AMI BIOS ID information page.

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