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To update a source tree with the latest changes, just go to the relevant top-level directory (e.g.

$RTOP/r-devel/R) and say in which case all changes in the current working directory will be committed, and you'll be asked for a change comment.

updating svn-69updating svn-33updating svn-71

r143 svn merge -r 13 $REPOS/branches/R-Tk # resolve conflicts if any svn commit -m'merged Tk branch r13 into trunk' (E) All done, so clean up ================================== svn delete -m'Deleting R-Tk' $REPOS/branches/R-Tk (F) Oops, more work to do on R-Tk: resurrect it ================================== svn log -v $REPOS/branches | grep -B 2 R-Tk # look up when it was deleted (in r144) svn copy -m'Resurrecting R-Tk branch' -r 143 $REPOS/branches/R-Tk $REPOS/branches/R-Tk /subversion, rather than web browser.

Briefly, there are two build scripts, one for pre-releases and one for the final build.

svn commit -m'hacked blah' (C) Updating from r-devel (aka "main trunk") ======================================== # Use log-file'to find when we did our last merge, e.g.

r141 : tail -1 R-Tk-updates svn log -r HEAD $REPOS # Find the HEAD revision, e.g.

perspective (see Open a SVN Perspective below) to connect to your repository.

See Add a New SVN Repository to View in Subclipse below.

page Id=25170300 Help on using Subclipse is available through the Eclipse Help system.

From the main menu, select Help/Help Contents and then click on the Subclipse chapter.

Use of anonymous Subversion for outsiders is not explicitly covered here, but for now and as long as the load on the server remains manageable, will be identical, with the exception that only core developers can commit changes.

We assume that Subversion is installed and basic Subversion techniques are understood; for background information, Version Control with Subversion provides an excellent reference.

(remember to use svn resolved for each) svn commit -m 'ported r140 (sample changes to tests) from trunk' If revisions are made on the r-patched branch that should have been made to r-devel, then just follow the same procedure as above, but merge the changes in the opposite direction.

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