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You can send it to your collaborators for code review or some other purpose, in case you don’t want to commit it directly to the VCS.In addition to the VCS there is feature tracking all the changes locally.A version control system is assigned to a project directory and/or additional directories that are part of or related to the project.

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The changes specified in a changelist are not stored in the repository until committed (pushed).

Any changes made to the source files are automatically included in the active changelist.

All modified, deleted, unversioned and other files are managed in the is enabled.

This tab shows the changes committed in all the branches of the local and remote repositories, or in a specific local or remote branch. For other VCSs there is the Repository tab which shows the changes committed to the repository under the VCS roots within the current project.

The tab (not available for Git and Mercurial) shows the changes committed to the repository by other team members, and not yet checked out locally.

Both tabs display information stored in the history cache.

For projects with VCS support enabled, the standard VCS actions (commit, update, revert, show differences and show history) are added to the main toolbar.

Most VCS-related functionality can be invoked from the VCS menu: There are also a few hotkeys you’ll definitely find useful with version control systems.

Unshelving is returning postponed changes from a shelf to a pending changelist.

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