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However, you can't use the method described in that article to solve this problem.

That method requires that you identify all JSF components and write them into your JSF pages.

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Using the methods outlined in Listing 1 through Listing 3, you establish a framework for a managed bean to monitor changes of the server-side data.

The workflow is, when the managed bean gets the notification that the server-side data has been changed, the is invoked and the data model is updated.

For example, you would want a poll Web site to update the poll results as soon as its database receives new votes, or you might need a stock Web site that periodically updates real-time trading data of securities.

The poll results and the real-time trading data are dynamic elements that are unknown until run time, but elements that should be added or updated when the server side sends a signal. A previous developer Works article, "Craft Ajax applications using JSF with CSS and Java Script, Part 2: Dynamic JSF forms" explains how to hide and display optional JSF components without refreshing a Web page.

What if the dynamic elements cannot be identified until run time?

At this time, JSF has no good solution to this problem.Refreshing the data source will update any new or changed fields. Refreshing an extract will query the data source the extract was created from and rebuild the extract.This process might take some time, depending upon the size of the extract. When connected to a Published Data Source, the data source can be either a live connection or an extract.View image at full size To reflect accurate information, you need to synchronize the inventory information of the page with the server-side data in real time.Because actions such as adding or removing a book in the inventory leads the server-side data to change, you must monitor these actions.If the underlying data changes—for example, if new fields or rows are added, data values or field names are changed, or data is deleted, Tableau will reflect those changes the next time you connect to the data source.

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