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Gentoo's installation is generally not recommended for beginners because its package management system requires users to compile source code to install packages (most distributions rely on precompiled binaries).Compiling larger programs and the base operating system can take several hours.

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Installation takes up to 30 minutes depending on the speed of the DVD drive.

Those without a DVD drive can install the GNOME and KDE versions through a USB drive, which can be created with Unetbootin. New Anaconda version, kernel 4.8, Latest KDE-Plasma version, New Greeter!

Portage downloads source-code and compiles it specifically for the target system, whereas Entropy manages binary files from servers.

The binary tarball packages are precompiled using the Gentoo Linux unstable tree.

Rigo is currently available in the sabayon weekly repository.

The number of applications installed by default is higher for DVD editions than for editions small enough to fit on a CD.These are enabled if compatible hardware is found; otherwise, the default open-source drivers are used.Because of the automatic driver configuration, the compositing window manager Compiz Fusion and KWin are used for the GNOME and KDE editions, respectively.Rigo application browser is a new GUI front end to Entropy that is the successor to Sulfur (aka Entropy Store).Rigo handles system updates, package searching, install/removal of packages, up/down voting of packages, and many other common Entropy tasks.The adoption of two package managers allows expert users to access the full flexibility of the Gentoo system and others to easily and quickly manage software applications and updates.

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