Updating rosters for madden 09 on ps3

Click “OK” to download the roster update and apply it to your game.

• I'm on Rookie and it's nothing close to a blowout in my first full game (PS2/08 PC All-Madden-only player, but the controls are non-native to me so I chose easy while I get used to them but, it's not completely lopsided like I expected)• Tapping down on the D-Pad cycles through camera angles in real-time, very similar to racing games.

This works on both offense and defense.• Despite watching You Tube videos every year since Madden debuted on PS4, I've never seen the defensive dynamic camera angle before.

Tonight I found out that the 200 videos of his that I have watched for several years now, and repeatedly hit the "like" button for, is mostly a nitpicking drama queen.

I don't want to talk smack but the amount of games and instant replays he must be sifting through to find the little glitches and non-sim things that he dissects week in and week out, must be a full-time job.

and I got toasted by a Y-cross from the TE who was lined up on the opposite side of the field from me.

Crossed right into my cover 2 deep zone and I didn't see it.

This game is nothing like Madden 07, Madden 09, or Madden 13 on PS3/360; nor is it like Madden 25 or 15 on PS4/XB1.

I understand the early games of this next-next-gen had their growing pains but...

Once you get the feel for what they do, and when to time them, you can become a dangerous point guard with NBA superstar-like ball skills. I've already experienced some of this in Madden 19, not pressing the speed button and then doing the quick-cut change of direction move from the tutorial/skills drills; broke a defender's ankles and picked up about 8 more yards and a first down on what was a "crap, nothing is open" checkdown play on 3rd down.

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