Updating proc name in crystal reports

Any other person faced such issue then please help.After waiting a lot for right answer and searching on internet i tried different options by myself and the problem was solved by right clicking on database fields and then click on verify database.I have updated the SP for the attached dataset that the tablix is using.

I then click 'Update' expecting the view to be replaced by the stored proc.

well it doesn't get replaced and that's where i need help. can i ask why the name of the data source didn't change to the stored proc and is there any way to change the Table name value to reflect the stored proc name? It can get to be very confusing later as you go back to work on these reports.

If some one have some better option then please suggest.

wouldn't update the database fields list in Crystal Reports.

To save having to keep re-creating the same thing & have everything line up so can be used as subreports in a main report.

verify database6) Run7) Error msg box 1: Unable to open a rowset8) Error msg box 2: Not supported.

Hi, I have a report in Crystal 10 for which I need to change the data source.

The report currently points to a stored procedure called "rpt_1279_Annual_Statements", however this SP does not follow our standard naming convention.

how can i update the existing stored procedure that will not affect the report.

1) open the subreport in design view (right-click - edit subreport) 2) go to Database, Set Location 3) pick the new stored procedure to replace the existing one.

The SP should be called "rpt11696_1279_Annual_Statements_Admin". I have created a new SP with the correct SP name - this is exactly the same SP, just a different name, however when I try to change the data source, all of the fields on the report are being dropped.

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