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This “stored” version is saved locally as well as copied to the Creative Cloud making it accessible across multiple installs using the same Adobe ID.

(For example, if you have two copies of Photoshop installed – one at home and one at work you will have access to the content of your Libraries panel in both locations).

If the element is understood by both products, then you can use them across applications.

Instead of a $30 DVD for Season One of the television series “Mad Men,” I can buy the one or two episodes I missed for $3 each. But this is comparing apples to oranges – there is value in the smaller unit’s convenience and accessibility.

This vibrant ecosystem has mostly curbed the casual piracy practiced by normal people in the heady days of Napster and its ilk at the turn of the millennium. Sure, some people prefer warehouse-style purchases that emphasize quantity, but for another set, it’s the lack of it that is most valuable.

You can also Control -click (Mac) | Right -click Win to see additional options for each of the elements stored in your Libraries.

In addition to storing graphics (including Layers, Layer Groups, and Smart Objects), text styles (including font, type style, color, size, tracking, and leading), layer styles, and colors (fill, stroke, and foreground) can all be added to the Libraries panel.

(There might be some debate over whether or not we should be able to see items in a Library that we can’t use, but I believe it’s better that we can see all of the items regardless if we can use them or not – which could potentially cause confusion and lead us to believe that they are “missing” from one Library or another).

You can create as many Libraries as needed to help organize commonly used assets for different projects (click on My Library and choose Create New Library from the drop down menu).

In addition, although technically the Libraries panel can support any size graphics (including Layer Groups that might include multiple, high resolution smart objects), I wouldn’t recommend storing really large files in your Libraries as they might reduce performance.

There is a limit of 1000 elements in the Libraries.

We all get irate when asked to shoot a friend’s wedding for next to nothing.

Taking pictures of a new band for their next gig is seen as doing you a favor.

Any changes will be synced once you get back online.

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