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You can find the forum here: A quick 20 second registration is required in order to be able to post to the forums. mode=register A FAQ on usage of the forum resources can be found here: read more Openfiler has joined VMware's Ultimate Virtual Appliance Challenge.I want to build a openfiler box that I can do icsci over this will allow me to do some testing with vmware ESX and also test some Microsoft clustering.

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It includes ZFS v5000 , Software RAID (0,1,5), disk encryption, S. It probably has a slick interface but underneath it isn't really what you were looking for.

And with many other things, once you've bought it, good luck getting upgrades.

Again this will be in a test lab know more than 3 users using the system.

Xigma NAS is an Open Source Storage NAS (Network-Attached Storage) distribution based on Free BSD. with the following protocols: CIFS/SMB (Samba), Active Directory Domain Controller (Samba), FTP, NFS, TFTP, AFP, RSYNC, Unison, i SCSI (initiator and target), HAST, CARP, Bridge, UPn P, and Bittorent which is all highly configurable by its WEB interface.

Thank you to everyone that helped with bug hunting, testing, and code contribution.

A new project-hosted support forum has been launched for Openfiler.Available with a choice of Ubuntu, Linux Mint or Zorin OS pre-installed with many more distributions supported.Visit Star Labs for information, to buy and get support. The Xigma NAS project also sees regular development, always with the focus on stability and simplicity.This means Xigma NAS receives regular updates, some of which include new features, bug fixes, and version upgrades of included components. Xigma NAS keeps going where many commercial box solutions stop.

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