Updating navman software

Have found that the moment I have difficulty trying to comprehend what is being said, I immediately ask for a supervisor and get transferred back to a support desk in Australia. On Windows 8 64 bit won't recognise the Navman, but if I put it on a win XP machine then no problems. Though desperation, I reinstalled the software on the unit (so now its back to 2012 specs and maps) and I cannot go any further. I may have to convince wife to upgrade both our Navmans to a more robust unit. Hi All, following up on this problem- apparently it was something to do with their sever. But now when I connect the unit to the computer, it recognises the GPS and opens the software.

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A little more info would be good and then I'd be happy to assist. Went to update my maps (because I received and email this morning) and it comes up with the error message: "sorry your map data can no longer be synchronised and backed up. Please reconnect your device and try again" Running Navdesk 7.50.

I am having the same issue as Malangell - I have downloaded Nav Desk 7.50 on my desktop, have downloaded the updated maps on my HP ultrabook with Windows 8 and am becoming frustrated as like Malangell I too have wasted a few hours trying to install maps and find that Nav Dest 7.50 is not registering that my Navman is connected or something and I can't get the maps to become updated on My-500xt Navman. I had some rude technical support officer from Manilla trying to guide via telecon, however spoke in a condescending voice and I became frustrated with him and hung up - Kitty Cat It doesn't matter what support you are after these days, unless you learn Philipino and Indian you wont understand a thing they are saying. I managed to download the map data (Australia) onto my hard drive, but that's it.

Updates can be achieved with older Window versions.

I now have a new computer running Windows 10 & cannot update maps as the software is not compatible.

Navman need to rectify this fault & issue new discs or make available a software version on the net.

Yes I have just brought a brand new Navman hoping to solve my old issues of not being able to load the mapping system onto my Win 10 laptop.

Therefore we have created this webpage to allow you know about the how to go for that particular work.

In this part of writing, we will notify you how to deal with updating issues of Navman map.

I suspect it is something to do with the C 2008 as that is when it chokes itself.

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