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While the PS3 is designed mainly as a gaming machine, it doesn’t mean that it can’t perform other tasks quite capably as well, with web browsing being one of the most interesting of them.

That said, without knowing much about how your PS3 web browser works, your browsing experience on your gaming machine can end up being far less than ideal.

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You can scroll between these browser windows by pressing either the R2 or L2 buttons.

Cool Tip: Alternatively, if you want to open any link on your currently active browser window, just place the cursor over the link and then press and hold the button.

To enable the web browser lock on your PS3, head to option and set-up any four digit passcode of your choice to block the browser. Make sure to take full advantage of these simple, but very useful tips to highly improve your browsing on your PS3.

If you are here to read about the PS3 Jailbreak scene before purchasing your gaming console, you should first read our comparison of the top gaming consoles – Xbox Kinect and Playstation Move. Whereas on the i Phone once jailbroken you can not only use all previous services and features but add new ones.

To solve this, or to at least improve your browser speed, press the triangle button with any browser window open and then in the this time.

After this you will notice your PS3 browser speed will have improved quite substantially.to open another web page beside the one that is already active.This way you are able to open multiple browser windows.will be limited to offline play even if you legally purchased the disc.So if you really really do need to play online, you cannot have the jailbreak too.The game stored on hard drive loads faster than when loading from disc and there is no noise from optical drive in the first case.

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