Updating marklin central station 60213

The first thing I do when setting up a new locomotive is to give it a name. Since this is 234 292-1 this will be the name of the locomotive.

updating marklin central station 60213-17updating marklin central station 60213-25updating marklin central station 60213-67

Info: In this particular locomotive (Trix #22069) the motherboard actually has an 8-pin decoder plug.

I could have choosen to install an 8-pin version of the decoder.

You can also use the Märklin Sound-Programmer (Märklin #60801) and update the decoder using your PC.

If you do not have a CS2 or Sound-Programmer, your dealer can help you update the sound.

I did not choose this, because I wanted to try out the kit with the new motherboard.

The price is the same, so you do not pay extra for the motherboard.

If you only have the sound file on your USB-stick the Central Station will automatically suggest that one.

Tip: You can check the other folders to see if the Central Station has found any newer versions in the update file.

For this project I used: First you need to take the locomotive apart and get an overview of what is about to happen.

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