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First, log in to your Magento Administration Panel, then click on System | Magento Connect | Magento Connect Manager.

updating magento-6

As with everything in Magento, an upgrade is easier said than done.

Below I put together the various errors (and suggested fixes) that might happen during the Magento 2 upgrade process.

With a platform as complex as Magento 2 you can’t anticipate what is going to happen next. You can always ask your system administrator for assistance. Upgrade this way if the previous two failed for whatever reason.

Now for the upgrade itself you will need to use SSH (Secure Shell). Login to your server and go to the Magento root folder (usually it is One thing to remember: username is a public key and password is a private key. Once you enter credentials, Composer will go ahead and install the latest Magento 2 version: I suggest you backup your files and database manually. Download the latest Magento 2 off the official website. That will overwrite the core files with the new ones.

Today I will describe how you can perform a Magento 2 upgrade.

When you run an e Commerce store it is vital to stay secure and up to date.

We recommend that you check the "" checkbox to avoid problems with cached data later on. Figure 2: Select the appropriate package to upgrade The application will now start downloading the required files and upgrade your Magento store.

You can follow the progress in the status window at the bottom of the page (Figure 3).

If you purchased a premade theme the vendor usually releases patches for every new M2 version that comes out.

Go to or the site you bought your theme from and see if there are updates available for download.

Once you do that you will need to navigate to the Magento installation folder.

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