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We're essentially we're just passing the value through.As long as there is a value other than the empty string, we're doing nothing with it.So that here when I construct the update doc, that's one of the changes that will be made as we call update_one in order to make the necessary updates to this document.

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All right, so now let's talk about how this script works. Here we're using find as we did previously, but the filter that we're passing here is an empty dictionary, or an empty document. Now doing so as part of a for loop means that Python will iterate on that cursor, and each time through movie will be the next document in the collection.

The semantics of this for Mongo DB are that we expect this to retrieve as results from this query every document in the collection. Suppose that we hadn't set a limit here, or that it was quite large, thousands and thousands of documents.

In addition to these essential topics, you will also learn and work with useful Mongo DB tools and services.

You will work with Atlas, Mongo DB's database as a service, Mongo DB Compass, a schema visualization tool, as well as many other useful command-line utilities.

I remove it from the movie dictionary, and I create an entry in the fields_to_unset dictionary for that key.

That's how I end up with, for example, this metacritic entry in the unset dictionary for this document, because there simply wasn't a metacritic value for this particular document that I'm going to update. So I can save space and make my data a little bit more readable by getting rid of all that empty data.

Now here what we're doing is limiting it to the first 100 documents retrieved using the limit method. So find, as we know, returns a cursor, which allows us to iterate over the documents that are retrieved. Py Mongo and Mongo DB work together to do the right thing here which is to return the documents in batches of many dozen.

Limit is a cursor method which will restrict the number of results that we see to, in this case, to the first 100. So with each batch, we have that many documents on the client's side and are processing them.

And note that for director, writer, genre, and so on, I'm specifying that that field should actually be eliminated as part of the update operation, if it wasn't already eliminated here.

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