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This content has been machine translated dynamically. (Clause de non responsabilité) Este artículo ha sido traducido automáticamente.(Aviso legal) この記事は機械翻訳されています.免責事項 이 기사는 기계 번역되었습니다. 这篇文章已经过机器翻译.放弃 Customize Citrix Receiver for Windows installer by specifying command line options.

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For example, if you set the value to 10, the Remind me later option is displayed 10 times.

Indicates the period when you can stage the rollout; Fast – Update rollout happens at the beginning of the delivery period; Medium – Update rollout happens at the mid-delivery period; Slow – Update rollout happens at the end of the delivery period.

For more information on Local App Access, see Local App Access in Xen App and Xen Desktop documentation. Indicates that the Citrix Receiver for Windows will be installed with the single sign-on component.

The related option, ENABLE_SSON, is enabled when /include SSON is on the command line.

For more information space requirements, see System requirements.

To install Citrix Receiver for Windows from a command prompt, use the syntax: Indicates that Citrix Receiver for Windows detects when an update is available; Auto – You are notified when an update is available (default); Manual –You are not notified when updates are available.

Receiver for Windows Current Release Receiver for Windows 4.11 Receiver for Windows 4.10 Receiver for Windows 4.9 Receiver for Windows 4.8 Receiver for Windows 4.7 Receiver for Windows 4.6 Receiver for Windows 4.5 Receiver for Windows 4.4 This content has been machine translated dynamically.

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To force the client side Local App Access components on the Citrix Receiver, use FORCE_LAA command line switch.

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