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Windows 2000 can successfully dual boot with Windows 98 or Windows NT on FAT, FAT32 or NTFS file systems, and can even share programs and data with the other operating system.This option will allow you to "Test Drive" Windows 2000 in your current environment without risk.

To start the upgrade procedure, insert the Windows 2000 CD and click on the upgrade option when it appears.

It will run you through the software and hardware wizard to make sure that the upgrade will succeed.

The upgrade process is pretty straight forward and can be handled by just about anyone that has Windows experience.

However if you've had strange problems or buggy programs with your current operating system, these same problems could continue to plague you in your Windows 2000 installation.

It incorporates all new technology, as well as some old favorites from Windows 9x.

It will enhance your ability to maintain a s TABLE network, and also enhance the ability to monitor, control, and deploy your client systems.

If you don't like it, delete the Windows 2000 directories and rewrite the boot sector by issuing a SYS C: command from the Windows 98 MSDOS prompt.

If you decide to stay with Windows 2000, you can safely delete the Windows 98 directory and remove the reference to Windows 98 from the file.

Then it will start to copy files and complete the upgrade almost on its own.

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