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Now to Resolve this error follow the steps given below.Resolving this error is not a big task, Here I am giving you a best way to resolve DMI Pool Error in OS, Follow the steps given below.

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Such a problem may occur on computers with different versions of the Windows operating system.

In this article, we are going to tell you what to do when a Verifying DMI Pool Data error appears and your PC is not booting.

Once the system Shows this error then system will not be able to complete the Boot Process due to which you are not able to use the system.

The DMI is an abstract layer which is use to manage the computer hardware and software.

Don’t give up and hopefully, you will be able to get rid of this annoying error message during the boot.

If you have shut down your computer without taking out a CD or DVD from the reader or if you have left a USB device connected to your computer, a bug in the Windows operating system may cause it to try and boot from the device you have left, no matter what is actually located on it, hence the warning message.Being stuck with Verifying DMI Pool Data Error message at the bottom of the booting screen, waiting for it to disappear is an awful experience and this message can get stuck anywhere from several seconds to almost forever and that is why you should consider approaching the solution of this problem easily and without hurry.The problem can be easy to solve if you remain patient and don’t give up during the somewhat long process of troubleshooting.Method 1: - Method 2: - Clear the CMOS by setting a jumper on your motherboard at the damaged component.Method 3: - Remove all component from systems motherboard except CPU, Memory, Floppy Disk, Video Card and DVD/CDROM.Restart the computer if it works well then check all the removed component by adjusting on motherboard and replace the damaged one.

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