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Encoded/Passthrough is what it sounds like: Plex Media Player takes the encoded stream and passes it to the receiver which does the conversion from encoded formats to PCM and then outputs it.One important difference is where downmixing is done.This will block out all other application sounds that might occur.

Analog audio (and future sound effects) are output from this device.

When downmixing from 7.1 or 5.1 to less channels, Plex Media Player will try to level out all channels to make the speech track more audible. If you want Plex Media Player to be the sole owner of audio on your machine while Plex Media Player is running, enable this.

Do you have to deal with broken word table of contents links? Before you start pulling out your hair, remember: Our ancestors had to work in a time without backspace, CTRL-z or Google. ), we can solve this problem in a matter of minutes.

If you stumbled across this blog, chances are: Sound about right?

Go to the item that has a problem and right-click on it.2.

Select “Toggle field codes” This displays our page code:3. We need to make the first line identical to the second line, like so (remove the absolute path and convert it in to a relative link): Now we can save our file as a PDF and the issue should be resolved.1. If the issue isn’t solved, try saving and closing your document, then reopen it to publish your PDF file.2.And since you published the document as pdf, the path for the Microsoft Word document is no longer valid. Our other Table of Contents items (not coming from text boxes) work well since they are relative links.All we need to do is change a single line of code that is blocking our links from directing properly.1.As you might have read at the top of this article we strongly recommend that you use the audio decoder that Plex Media Player is using.The reasons for this are many: So in short; when using decoding the only drawbacks are the lack of the extended Atmos data bits, and that your receiver will not light up the True HD light.For example, if you have 2 speakers connected to your receiver and you have source media with 5.1 channels, the audio needs to be downmixed to hear all the sounds.

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