Updating cursor

When updating fields, if the incoming values match the type of field, the values will be cast as necessary.

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If a cursor definition has a query with multiple tables then only the table used in update statement is affected. OAuth Exception: (#10) To use 'Page Public Content Access', your use of this endpoint must be reviewed and approved by Facebook.

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DECLARE 2 CURSOR my Cursor IS 3 SELECT * FROM sec_product FOR UPDATE OF product_description; 4 v_product_description VARCHAR2(20); 5 BEGIN 6 FOR idx IN my Cursor LOOP 7 v_product_description :=UPPER(idx.product_description); 8 UPDATE sec_product 9 SET product_description =v_product_description 10 WHERE CURRENT OF my Cursor; 11 END LOOP; 12 COMMIT; 13 END; 14 / PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

The cursor version of UPDATE is similar to the interactive update, except for the WHERE clause.

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There can be a situation where you have to use a cursor, even though the experts say not to use cursors or to avoid them as much as possible.

Sales Order Detail SET Order Qty=100 WHERE CURRENT OF update_cursor -- get next available row into variables FETCH NEXT FROM update_cursor END close update_cursor Deallocate update_cursor The above query updates the orderqty column to 100 for a particular salesorderid.

When doing a cursor update the CURRENT OF keyword is used to update the current row.

Update Cursor(fc, fields) as cursor: # For each row, evaluate the WELL_YIELD value (index position # of 0), and update WELL_CLASS (index position of 1) for row in cursor: if (row[0] import arcpy workspace = 'c:/data/output.gdb' fc = 'c:/data/base.gdb/roads' fields = ['ROAD_TYPE', 'BUFFER_DISTANCE'] # Create update cursor for feature class with for row in cursor: # Update the BUFFER_DISTANCE field to be 100 times the # ROAD_TYPE field.

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