Updating cpanel

This change will ensure a more secure and stable hosting environment going forward.

To help make this transition as smooth as possible, please log into your c Panel and test all of your sites using PHP 5.6 by following these steps: The default version of PHP that our servers are currently utilizing; PHP 5.2 ; has been deprecated for some time.

You must have root access to server for updating AWStats via SSH. 2, Execute; In the AWStats page there is an option to update it manually. You have to check the following this via shell as root user.

updating cpanel-57

Again, our system will remember and respect the results of your manual test!

The switch between PHP versions is simply a configuration change in your .htaccess file(s.) PHP 5.6 is already installed on our servers, and there is no maintenance which must be performed on the server itself that would cause any service outages.

Applications that are not compatible with PHP 5.6 will fail to load properly once the change is performed.

Again, while we will make every effort to automatically check compatibility for each account and set the appropriate version of PHP for you, While we can assist you with changing the version of PHP your script utilizes, we will not be able to recode your site to be compatible with newer versions of PHP.

But Joomla itself is not enough to protect your site if you are running old version of PHP.

People often criticize, its CMS fault when their site get hacked but they didn’t realized it's could be their server stack.

In order to better serve our customers, Host Gator is making an important upgrade to the default configuration on all of our shared servers.

The default version of PHP employed by our shared servers will be updated to PHP 5.6.

You are not alone, PHP version 5.3 is used by 31.1% of all the websites and 5.4 has 29% share.

Both of this PHP version already reached end of its life and no more security update will be provided. Joomla is one of the most powerful and secure CMS on the planet now.

The c Panel tutorial is a part of the rich collection of web hosting tutorials which Site Ground experts have prepared for you.

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