Updating church organization to ministry teams

We can train for everything else.” Whether paid or volunteer, a media ministry team member should believe in the mission of the church.

The United Church of Christ recognizes that God calls certain of its members to various forms of ministry in and on behalf of the church, for which ecclesiastical authorization is required.

(UCC Constitution, Article VI Paragraph 21) According to the Constitution and Bylaws of the United Church of Christ, authorization includes Ordination, Commissioning, and Licensure.

Media ministry team members who participate in setup must arrive as much as an hour before the event or service begins.

If you are intrigued by technology and have a commitment to a church, consider volunteering in media ministry. You will have the opportunity to use and experiment with many forms of technology that you may not have access to otherwise. Bureau of Labor Statistics does not keep separate data on media ministers, but the general category of religious workers made an average of $14.14 per hour or $29,410 per year in 2009.

Some media specialists tape and distribute audio or video recordings of the sermon.

Some churches broadcast their service live either on television or by creating a live stream on the church’s website.

These teams partner with Novo staff to capture God’s heart for our regions and prepare the way for gospel movements.

Learn more about Prime Keeping missionaries on the field is crucial to the advancement of God's kingdom.

In some congregations, the media ministry team updates the entire church website.

Some churches have a media coordinator for specific ministries within the church who focuses on the use of media to share the message of that ministry.

teams mobilize existing churches to live on mission, pioneer new expressions of church, and address the soul and sustainability of leaders at the center of it all.

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