Updating calendar with birthdays katie white and jules de martino dating

You can learn more here: https://support.busymac.com/help/47353-birthdays-and-anniversaries#show-dates You should be able to solve this birthday duplication in one of these ways: A) You may have some corrupted cached Birthday data.

Uncheck the Show Birthdays calendar preference in Busy Cal General. If that doesn't work, please try this: B) You may have duplicate contacts in OS X Contacts.

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Then, in Busy Contacts select the contact who's birthday or anniversary you want to show in Busy Cal, go into Edit mode and make sure the Show dates checkbox is checked for that card.

Once it's checked, the birthday and/or anniversary for that card will show up in Busy Cal.

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Entries can be set to repeat every year on the same date, and you have the option of applying a specific color to birthdays to make them easier to distinguish from standard appointments.

Click or tap "Recurrence" and choose "Yearly" from the Recurrence pattern section of the dialog that displays.

In Facebook you have notification settings that help remind you of your friends’ birthdays but it will be easier to keep track of all the dates if you could add all your Facebook friends’ birthday to your i Phone calendar. Once you get this set up, you will never miss out on a birthday ever again. Read Also: How To Schedule Facebook Birthday Greetings In Advance First, you need to export your unique Facebook calendar information: In your i Phone Calendar App, you’ll notice that most of your dates are filled with names.

If you enabled Calendar for the Notification Center, you’ll be able to see all the birthdays of today and the days to come.

If you have Busy Contacts installed, Busy Cal will read in birthdays from Busy Contacts.

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