Updating brass lamps dating characteristics of capricorn woman

Any residual decal came off with a little scrubbing. Spray Painting Light Fixture: While the glass was drying I took apart the rest of the light fixture; removed the light bulbs and sleeves and covered the sockets with tape.A quick wiping with a clean rag and the fixture was ready for some spray primer and oil rubbed bronze spray paint.

updating brass lamps-18

Exhibit A: Stained Ceiling Like when it rains really hard and your roof leaks over your mudroom and it means that you suddenly have to bump up scraping and painting that ceiling to the top of your to do list?

Exhibit B: Boobish Light Fixtures And, because you have to take the ugly light fixtures (that look like nippleless boobs) down, you might as well put something pretty back up.

I love the lines of these lamps and the shape of the shades. I need to officially reveal the dresser they are sitting on – .

And I just staged it for pictures with the old window and the flowers.

Exhibit C: Two Lemons (Habitat Re Store Brass Light Fixtures)I purchased these two light fixtures at our local Re Store at the beginning of the year. They had great shape, but the unfortunate luck to have a starburst on the glass and a brassy color.

At first I thought I’d have to get new glass cut for the lanterns, but by accident I scratched one of the bursts off with my fingernail.

Yes, well that’s where I found myself several weeks ago.

Let’s call it making lemonade with a heaping serving of lemons.

I need to pick up some of this – Krylon 12-Ounce Triple Thick Clear Glaze Aerosol Spray. I keep looking at yard sales and thrift stores for shades, but have a hard time finding modern looking ones in good condition.

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