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Apple released Wi-Fi Update for Boot Camp 6.4.0 on Thursday, an update that patches two vulnerabilities for Mac users booted into Windows using Boot Camp.

Both vulnerabilities allowed an attacker in Wi-Fi range to compromise your Mac.

Instead, you need to be running Windows 10 Anniversary Update and then upgrade from there.

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That’s just technical jargon meaning that the installation will fail and you’ll need to use Apple’s Boot Camp Assistant to remove the Windows partition and start over.

The Apple support page tells you what to do if this is your situation.

The Crimson drivers for my new 6 Core Mac Pro work great.

I know genuine Windows machines have later versions but remember Apple's GPUs are not recognized by a Windows side up[date correctly without hacking so this is the latest we can get but I have had no issues and can run Catalyst fine.

I hope someone has the answer to this, I would really appreciate some help!

Cheers, The annoyance is that I can not update the graphics driver to the latest version. I am not sure what a BC6 driver is, I have only what was automatically installed using Bootcamp when I installed Windows on the partition of my Mac. If Apple Software Update does not provide an update, you should stay with the current version.

Note that you’ll need to access this page from a Mac OS machine to see the ISO download option — if you’re on a Windows 10 machine, then you’ll be redirected to the Media Creation Tool page instead.

Then, on your Mac, go to “Before you begin” on the Microsoft support page and select the proper edition of Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

Oh silly me, of course that's an abbreviation for Bootcamp 🙂I do some light gaming on BC, hence I wish to update to the newest driver - no issue or behaviour I am trying to solve by updating.

If I have upgraded the BC version is there no way to downgrade it so that I can keep upgrading graphics card software?

I was previously using the AMD drivers from AMD directly for the Fire Pro GPUs on my Mac from their web site.

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