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The Infonortics Search Engines and Beyond conference for 1999 will concentrate on "Developing efficient knowledge management systems".Industry speakers include Ramana Rao of Inxight, Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Watch, Rick Kenny of Fulcrum, John Snyder of Muscat, Mark Krellenstein of Northern Light, Dan Miller of Ask Jeeves, Ellen Voohrees of NIST/TREC.It receives the query,does the lookup in the index, formats the results, and sends them back in an HTML form with links directly to the pages on your site.

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There will also be a number of academic and research speakers as well.

Most search engines will not have any trouble in the year 2000: they will not fail because, in most cases, they do not depend on date comparisons.

We expect to have a full comparative report on remote site hosting services in February: in the meantime, you can try them out on our search test page.

Many of you may be interested in adding searching and text retrieval to your own applications.

In addition to metasearch web sites and client applications, some site search programs can provide this service.

See the new Metasearch section in webwide search page for details.

Remote searchers will crawl your site and store your info in an index on their server.

When someone enters a query in the search form on your site, the link points at the search engine host.

We've started a listing page for search source code, beginning with the excellent Findex package from Lex Tech and the dt Search source package.

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