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When a book doesn’t have an official cover, i Books used to default to a bland tan cover with nothing but the title and author. The best part: when you have multiples, each will have a different color. When i Books launched, it was to Apple’s benefit to make the free titles look bland.To compete with Amazon, the new store had a lot of catching up to do; Apple wanted to make the purchased books stand out.Kindle for i OS app has had nighttime mode for years, and its omission surely ushered many a late-night reader away from i Books.

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Browsing is smoother, the PDFs are faster to load and searching is also quicker.

The zoom-effect on opening a new PDF is still rather jittery, though.

The classic interface had a faux hardcover texture around the border.

Now you can lose that and have all reading, no borders.

All Apple has to do now is sign up a few more publishers and get those shelves stocked.

If you like to buy your books using the i Books Store, I have some good news for you: you can buy the complete range of Hacking with Swift books through your Apple account and start reading immediately.

Fonts depend greatly on personal taste, but having more options isn’t going to hurt anybody.

This is Seravek: Redesigned covers for public domain books are a subtle — but welcome — change.

IBooks gets other new features, too, likely to me more appreciated in the short term (until some multimedia titles show up in the store).

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