Updating a gas fireplace

That’s because a lot of the warmth you’re creating is going out the chimney, all because of inefficiencies.From the time you pick out your fireplace insert until the day your contractor or other professional installs it can often be about a week.An electric fireplace like the Riva2 electric inset 70 can be switched on and off for instant heat, or even used for flames without heat, and works very well with a stone mantel to give it a traditional finish.

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Bottom line, they make far less ash than a typical wood stove, heat for a longer period of time, and cost less to operate.

Wood Fireplace Insert Upgrading your current fireplace to an EPA-certified wood fireplace inset is another option.

You’ll get to keep the crackle and ambiance of the traditional fireplace, but you’ll be getting more out of the wood you burn with today’s advanced combustion technologies.

Because the more you use an old, outdated fireplace the more you’re heating the outside air.

Loretta Cantu, Hearth Manager agrees, stating that most customers come in who want to stop chopping wood and go with something easier, like gas or pellets.

There are three basic options for fireplace inserts, include gas fireplace inserts, pellet fireplace inserts, and wood fireplace inserts.

Replace your fireplace with a pellet fireplace insert.

Bags of pellets can be very cost effective, replacing 1.5 cords of wood with just a ton of pellets (50 of the 40 lb. Check out our article for more info on pellets and how well they can heat our home.

Here are some options that will complement your home’s history, whilst also updating your fireplace with the latest in heating.

With its large viewing window, and detailed cornicing that would suit either modern or traditional homes, the Sheraton 5 makes an ideal update to your fireplace.

This gas fire would offer your fireplace the incredible visuals of a wood burning fire, yet with all the capabilities and convenience of gas.

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