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It is faster, less error-prone and quite simple to execute.

I hope it will be useful for developers that are in need of patching Java.

Could someone explain what is expected in the “files” and “parents” parameters in what i presume is the payload?

updating a file java-90

Today, any complex application will require some sort of configuration.

Sometimes we need this configuration to be read-only (mostly read at time of application startup) and sometimes (or rarely) we need to write back or update something on these property configuration files.

Hence, I use JD-GUI again to verify correctness of the modified jar file.

If there’s any error in the modified class file, JD-GUI will not able to render the new jar file.

In this simple and easy tutorial, Learn to read property file in java using In most applications, properties files are read only once during application startup and then cached.

Whenever you need to get a property value by it’s key, you will inquire the property cache and get the value from it.

The actual command to encrypt the password is: If you peek into the source code, the utility is using Blowfish encryption algorithm with a fixed key set to: “jaas is the way”. Hence for a production system I would recommend switching to use the keystore-based Jaas Security Domain Identity Login Module instead.

More information could be found at https://community. Most computers should have the JRE installed by default.

Going through and fixing all of it would be a pain, especially what you want to do is just edit a few lines of code.

In this blog post, I want to introduce to you a method (2) of patching Java.

This cache is usually a singleton instance so that application does not read the property file multiple times; because IO cost of reading again is very high for time critical application in today’s world.

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