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Let's dive right into code: "); Document Builder Factory dbf = Document Builder Instance(); Document Builder db = Document Builder(); Document dom = db.parse(new Input Source(xml)); println("root element name = " Document Element()Node Name()); And that's all you need to parse a simple XML string.

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The test object should be brought to the initial state all tests assume it to be in.

*/ @Before public void set Up() throws Exception /** * Constructor of the SLD object.

* @param in input stream to read * @param validate whether to validate the input.

* @return a Features read from the input stream * @throws Parser Configuration Exception is the SAX parser can not be configured * @throws SAXException if there is an xml problem * @throws JAXBException if the xml cannot be marshalled into a T.

Http Method http Method, String namespace, String resource Name, Http Servlet Request request, Http Servlet Response response, Uri Info ui, Media Type media Type) /** * Unmarshall the Fedora Client Response using the JAXB schema-generated classes (see: target/generated-sources/).

* @param context Path JAXB context Path * @return the unmarshalled XML * @throws Fedora Client Exception */ public Object unmarshall Response(Context Path context Path) throws Fedora Client Exception /** * Tries to open the specified xml file and return an instance of the specified class using JAXB.

Useful if you're unmarshalling JAXB objects or extracting data from a large file, not so useful if you're exploring a data structure.

The downside of DOM, of course, is that it's all in memory, and the DOM implementation adds quite a bit to the memory footprint of the data.

그러한 모델을 위해서는 유효성 검사는 정렬화 시기에 이루어져서 JAXB 형식으로 문서를 수정할 때 XML 문서가 잘못 되었는지를 확인할 수 있도록 해야 합니다.다음은 XML 파일을 JAXB 생성 인스턴스로 비정렬화(unmarshalling)하는 것에 대한 예제와 간단한 설명이다. Company company = (Company) unmarshaller.unmarshal(new File( "E:/temp/blog/jaxb/jaxb_company_sample.xml"));예제의 다음 부분은 Ummarshalling 된 Object의 내용을 간단히 System.out으로 출력하는 부분이다. Marshaller marshaller = jc.create Marshaller(); // Marshalling 된 XML 표현을 Formatting 하기 위한 설정 Property(Marshaller.

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