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For businesses, schools, institutions, non-profits and governments, especially if you have a large number of items to recycle, see the DNR publication Managing Used Electronics Recycling electronics can take some strategizing, especially for large items like projection-style TVs.

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A 2016 DNR survey indicated that data security concerns were one of the primary barriers to recycling electronics.

The tips and links below are provided as a starting point for protecting data before recycling electronics.

Before taking your electronics to a collection site or recycler, find out what they recycle, who they accept electronics from, what they charge to recycle various items, if they offer pick-up service and whether or how they destroy data.

When you are recycling a large volume of electronics, it’s a good idea to talk with at least two or three recyclers or collection sites to get a sense of your options.

You can also check trade-in programs to see what prices they offer for both working and non-working devices.

If your electronics are broken or obsolete and cannot be reused, recycle them.

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Before recycling, giving away, trading in or selling electronics, find out how a recycler or refurbisher will protect your data security.

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