Travelling alone can be intimidating and lonely speed dating nights sheffield

Solo travel can mean more freedom, flexibility, and uncompromising adventures, instead of your typical tanning seshes by the pool (unless, of course, you happen to be yearning for some alone time with the sun. But planning and executing a trip all by yourself can also be pretty overwhelming.

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Coming down from the highs of a trip so fantastic it felt like a dream, from a week inside that odd bubble of suspended reality that being a travel blogger can be sometimes, a week surrounded by a group of people I felt so instantly connected and happy with that it felt like family.

And once again I go from a week of that to the sudden, echoing silence of being alone….

Solo travel sounds scary, but it can be totally rewarding in ways traveling with friends just can’t be.

If you choose to travel alone, you’ll probably end up learning way more about your destination — and about yourself, too.

How cool would it be to find your trademark freckles on the other side of the world? But try planning a quick solo escape that’s only a city or state away — and not posting about it at all.“It’s rare to have an experience that’s truly your own, where there’s no evidence of it,” says Balaconis.

Want to find the best pastries in Paris or the cheapest gas on Route 66? Technology makes travel easier, so do some googling to find what works for you. “It’s scary to people to do something without proof — but it can be awesome and so refreshing.When you’re aware of the dangers, then you’ll know how to be safe by yourself," Balaconis says."Know when and where it’s less risky to be alone, especially at night.”There’s a work around, though, for the solo traveler: “It’s easy to make friends with other women at a hostel, for example, who are also flying solo,” says Balaconis.So your girlfriends are planning a trip to Cabo — again.Might we ever so politely suggest ditching your friends and heading out on a great big trip all by your lonesome?Traveling alone allowed me to make that snap decision."Sure, the whole point of solo travel is to go it alone, but that doesn’t mean you won’t long for familiar faces.

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