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I have come to realize that it has shaped literally everything about me.Every interaction from the time I was little my adhd had a hand in.

So as much as a struggle and as much as it sucks some times, I don’t think I would get rid of my adhd if I could.

I wouldn’t be me anymore and I like me, even if being me is really fucking hard sometimes. I'd like to see what I'd be like without my ADHD, but I couldn't just make the decision to do so, sight unseen, in case I didn't like who I would become.

I am almost 100% sure that my life would be extremely easier if my adhd just vanished. It’s a part of who I am and whatever disadvantages come with my neurodivergence are well worth my unique relationship to time and space. I was thinking I'm happy the way I am, but you're right. Maybe I'm not as happy with myself as I thought I was... There are certain qualities of ADHD that have been central to my growth as a person, but I have that growth now.

School wouldn’t be the hardest challenge in the world for me and my emotions would be under control. I noticed a lot of young people on this forum, so I just wanted to chime in as a 30 old and say, i love my ADHD. The thing is, I haven’t had any too big life events yet, so if giving up ADHD means I get to remember my most precious future memories for years to come, well then, see ya buddy. ( been doing my degree for 11 years at this point 🙄) I’d trade it for a neurotypical brain in a second. I have a different view of the world that a lot of people don’t have and as much as I piss myself off, I like being creative and excitable.

But, in our experience, finding reliable, independent information on adult ADD / ADHD is difficult. Everyone has a strong opinion on what ADHD is and whether it’s even a real ‘disorder.’ The amount of ‘Myth-Information’ is overwhelming and often disheartening.

Today, there are thousands of studies and new Brain Imaging Technologies that show there is a real difference in how the ADHD brain works.

The amount of misinformation is overwhelming, and often disheartening.

There are thousands of studies, and new brain imaging technologies that show there is a real difference in how the ADHD brain works.

Understand what it is, and how it affects adults is the key to taking the next steps on what to do about it.

This quiz is based on the international standards for diagnosing ADHD / ADD adults, set forth by the World Health Organization, The American Psychiatric Association and the Canadian Psychiatric Association.

In fact, genetic researchers have identified over 20 genes associated with this mindset.

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