Thai dating bar girls

like a first timer to Bangkok’s red light districts. Let’s say you come across a go go bar that catches your interest.

When you go inside don’t stand around with your jaws dropped wide open while drooling.

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Here is a price breakdown: So the easy answer is 2400THB total to get laid.

However, everyone has different tastes as well as spending money. Even if you keep low balling the price the girls usually smile on but I wouldn’t push it too far.

Take time to check out the bar or the environment and make your move on the girl when you’ve finally sure she’s the one you want to spend your cash on.

I’ve known too many guys on limited budget blow their cash too quick only to realize there’s a hotter girl just right across corner of the bar.

Get yourself onto a seat if a waitress hasn’t seated you yet. That’s where all the prettiest girls gyrate around a pole on stage.

They are positioned there to specifically lure men passing by the entrance.

You might want to bar fine a really hot looking girl who can easily command a 2500THB short time rate. Then the total tally can easily sky rocket to 5000THB. However, the rates for sex is between you and the bar girl only. Just remember minimum rate for a bar girls time is at least 1500THB. It will often work with the least attractive girls in a bar.

But with young and attractive lookers there is no room for haggling the price down.

And if she likes you for your appearance or charm then you’re off to a better experience.

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